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Do you want to know how to earn income protecting your Forest?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

If you are looking for the possibility of generating carbon credits from standing forests, this post will explain how to participate in our REDD Cerrado program.

This is a call to rural landowners who own a property with an area of excess native vegetation in the Cerrado biome and want to know if it can generate carbon credits. Check out the roadmap for our REDD Cerrado Program and the basic requirements to start the process.

1. Submission of ownership through delivery of documents: In this process, basic documents from the owner and rural property are required.

2. Analysis of the rural property by geoprocessing: This process is based on a technical analysis to generate information on carbon stocks, spatio-temporal modeling, and environmental data on the property.

3. Projection of Carbon Credits: ERA prepares a projection based on previous models, demonstrating the potential for generating carbon credits from the rural property.

4. Letter of Intent: Signature of a non-binding instrument that creates ground zero for certification purposes, as well as substantiates the owner's intention to submit the property to the Cerrado REDD Program.

5. Legal Audit: Legal and land analysis.

6.Validation: Validation process considering the checklist of eligibility criteria for the REDD Cerrado Program, and socio-environmental factors for the certification of co-benefits.

7. Approval or Disapproval: Landowner will be provided with a response based on the analysis of eligibility.

8. Signing the contract: Execution of the instrument that will formalize and substantiate all obligations and rights that establish goals and responsibilities for the contracting party and the contracted party.

9. Monitoring: Fieldwork to validate phytophysiognomies and soil sampling, satellite monitoring of carbon stocks and monitoring of project co-benefits.

10.Verification: Verification of the monitoring data by an external auditor.

Our process is simple. Contact ERA and send your rural property information and we will assist and support you in every step of the process.

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